The Reality of SEO for Nonprofits

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 Published On Nov 20, 2013 Get real about search engines. We'll show you how! In this session, Firespring CEO Jay Wilkinson will share best-practices of nonprofits who are experts at driving traffic to their websites. We'll cover the basics of search engines, why they matter, and review the 5 steps of mastering SEO: Keyword research, website optimization, link building, fresh content and analytics. View this session and gain specific actions steps that can be implemented immediately! About Jay Wilkinson: Jay Wilkinson is the founder and CEO of Firespring, a Nebraska-based marketing and internet services company with more than 3,000 clients on 5 continents. Jay has educated thousands on topics ranging from marketing to technology to the internet. As a board member of several nonprofits, he understands the importance of utilizing the web as a tool to communicate and build relationships with constituents. He has appeared on CNN and other news programs discussing how emerging technologies affect nonprofits and is considered a leading authority on the proper use of the web as a tool to enhance the core mission of any enterprise.
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