Introducing the Roland MT-32, the powerhouse of classic PC gaming music!

Huxley Dunsany Huxley Dunsany
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 Published On Jan 11, 2019

In this video I give some background on the sound output options for classing PC games, and then do a comparison of the soundtrack for the game "Star Trek: 25th Anniversary" has heard on the built-in PC Speaker vs. the amazing Roland MT-32 MIDI box Special thanks to the creator of this video, without which I probably never would've gotten this project working: Link to the USB Adapter I'm using (any should work in theory, but I can vouch for this one): I'm also using this audio cable to take the stereo output from the MT-32 and run it back into the PC via the mic port (and thus allowing it to come out my PC speakers and be mixed with any other sounds, plus being volume-controlled by the PC):
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